Bawah Story

Bawah opens in the third quarter of 2017 and is a new destination for discerning world eco-travelers. Our untouched paradise of five islands feels like a world from 10,000 years ago despite being just 150 nautical miles from Singapore by private seaplane.

Explorers Wanted

A True Eco Island

Bawah is a playground of five islands totalling more than 300 hectares. This paradise is home to three crystal clear lagoons and 13 powder beaches. The islands are covered in a lush jungle canopy that provides spectacular cover while trekking. Bawah is a project of love designed to integrate people with nature. We are committed to environmental and ocean conservation.

A Privileged Few

Bawah accommodates a maximum of 70 guests in 35 private suites or villas that have been designed to allow you to live within the nature. We have 11 Overwater Bungalows and 21 Beachfront Suites that overlook a pristine lagoon and enjoy sunset views. Our three Garden Suites are surrounded in green flora.